Kabab (Kabob) Koobideh (Ground Beef Persian Kabab)

Many people (typically not Persian’s) think of kabab (kabob) as something on a tiny stick with bell peppers, and onions in between small beef pieces.  Here I will explain my recipe (or rather one passed down by my dad) for Kabab (Kabob) Koobideh.  :)

Kabab (Kabob) Koobideh

Kabab (Kabob) Koobideh

1 lb meat – the best meat will be 80/20 …lean meat will not come out juicy!!
liquid saffron (optional)
Somagh (Sumac)
3 spoons noon khoshk (breadcrumbs)
1 large red onion (or other onion if you prefer)- need to grate the onion and strain all the water out of it…it needs to be dry!

Mix the ingredients well, and mash the ingredients up so well that the meat finds a sticky effect. Leave it in the fridge for an hour or two. When you bring the meat out once again mash it up and punch it. Then the hard part of forming it on the kabab skewers comes. This takes much practice and honestly I cant do it that well. You will take small amounts of the meat and stick it to the skewer by pressing down and getting it to stick well. I will have a video up soon that will show you the way in which it is made, and how to form it on the skewer. I also have a little cheating kit where you can push the skewer into the meat.

When you go to cook the kabob on the grill make sure you flip it over really fast at the beginning. Otherwise if one side cooks and the other hasn’t the meat will all fall off the skewer. Once done take the meat off the skewer using bread (usually pita). Serve with bread or rice.

Note: You may want to grill some tomatoes as well since they go really good with the kabob!

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