Torshi Bademjan (Pickled Eggplant)

This is a very easy and quick torshi that one of my friends makes all the time. I have had it a few times at their place and I really like it!

Torshi e Bademjan

Torshi e Bademjan

Eggplants (thin ones usually called Mexican Eggplants) –however many you want to make
Apple vinegar
garlic cloves or chopped garlic
herbs — tarragon, mint, and/or other aromatic ones

Add the vinegar to a pot and heat it up. Wash the eggplants and add them to the pot (cover with lid) and allow them to boil for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of boiling remove the eggplants from the vinegar and cut a slice down the center of each eggplant. Add the garlic and herbs in the center of the eggplants.

Now you want to place the eggplants next to each other in a container or glass jar. Note: they need to be tightly packed (horizontally) so that they do not open up, so make sure you use a container that has adequate room for all of them to fit tightly. As long as they don’t open up you can use any type of container or combination of containers to fit the eggplants.

Add the vinegar in the pot to the eggplants after they are placed in a container and set them aside for 10 days (at room temperature) before serving.

Enjoy this torshi with any of your favorite dishes. It goes well with practically everything.

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