Salade Olovieh

A very yummy Persian potato salad! This dish is a good appetizer for a party, can be eaten as a snack with crackers, or can even be put into bread for a sandwich. The ingredients listed below make enough to last one person a couple of days, or even feed a group at a gathering. You can always increase the amount of ingredients used to make more, or decrease to make less.


Salade Olovieh

2 skinless/boneless chicken breasts
1 small onion
salt/ pepper
4 – 5 medium to large potatoes- boiled
3 – 4 hard boiled eggs
green peas
pickles – chopped up
shredded carrots (optional)

In a pot with water add the chicken breasts, slicked onion, salt, pepper, and turmeric to the chicken and cover the pot to allow it to cook for approximately 30 minutes on medium heat. Once cooked set it aside to cool. Once the chicken has cooled down you will shred it up and add to a large mixing bowl (you can use a knife to cut and shred the chicken up).

After the potatoes are boiled in a pot with water they will be ready for you to mash up. You can use a grater or just a masher to mash them up. Once the hard boiled eggs are ready you can also use the grater to shred it. Add these to the large mixing bowl as well. Then add the green peas, chopped pickles, and if desired shredded carrots. I typically don’t add shredded carrots to my Salade Olovieh. Also, I usually use dill pickles, unless I happen to have Persian pickles (from the Persian grocery store) which are much tastier!

Mix all the above ingredients together, add salt and pepper. Finally, add a desired amount of Mayonnaise and mix well. Some people like lots of mayo, while others like less … completely up to you. I add enough to get everything to stick together. Then when I pour the contents into a dish, I will cover a thin layer of mayo on top of the Olovieh.

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