Kotlet-e Morgh (Chicken patties)

If you want to eat something light and tasty that is void of rice I would definitely recommend Kotlet-e Morgh. You can eat it plain or with bread and its very filling! It tastes good hot or cold!

Kotlet e Morgh

Kotlet e Morgh

Ingredients (4-6 people):
4 skinless/boneless chicken breasts
2 large onions
2 large potatoes
3-4 eggs
plain bread crumbs

Chop up one of the onions and fry in oil in a large pot. Add turmeric, salt, and pepper to the onions then add the chicken breasts (you can cut them up or leave them whole). Cover the chicken with water and cook on medium heat for 45 minutes (or until fully cooked). After the chicken is cooked take the pieces out and place on a plate to cool down.

Using a food processor (or a blender) you will further shred up the chicken. Once it is cooled down place all the chicken pieces in the food processor then empty the shredded chicken into a bowl. Add the remaining onion to the food processor too (you should cut the onion up into smaller pieces first). Make sure to squeeze out the water from the onion (as much as possible) before adding it to the chicken in the bowl. Peel the potatoes, chop them up into smaller pieces and add them to the food processor as well. Then add the potatoes to the bowl.

Add some plain bread crumbs (approximately 3 tablespoons), salt, pepper, turmeric, and 3 eggs to the contents within the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well and make sure to really mash the ingredients together. You want the mixture to stick together, so if needed add another egg to help with that if you feel 3 were not enough. I only used 3 eggs and really mashed the mixture well tell it stuck together real good.

Heat up oil in a skillet. Pour some plain bread crumbs into a plate. Form a round ball from the mixture and coat it in bread crumbs then flatten it out in your hand (it will form an almost oval shape). Place the Kotlet in the frying pan and then form another until there is no room in the pan. Allow each Kotlet to become a nice golden brown color and then flip them over for the top to fry as well. Keep repeating this process until all the Kotlet-e Morgh mixture is finished and each Kotlet is fried.

Note: you may choose to use ground chicken breast, but I think the taste is far better when you actually cook the chicken first, then shred the chicken.

Serve with bread, other condiments (ie, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, ketchup…), or eat it plain.

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