Khoresht-e Baghala ba Goosht (Lima Bean Stew with Meat)

I typically make Baghali Polo ba morgh (Lima Bean Rice with Chicken), also referred to as Shevid Baghali (Dill and Lima Bean Rice). Of course instead of chicken you can always serve the dish with stew meat. This time I decided to try Khoresht-e Baghala ba Goosht. Its a bit different…but in very good way.

Khoresht e Baghala

Khoresht e Baghala

Ingredients (6-8 people):
500 grams of stew meat (approximately 1 lb)
250 grams frozen or dry Lima Beans
3 tablespoons dry Shevid (Dill) or 500 grams fresh Dill
4 – 5 tablespoons chopped onion
1/2 cup to 1 cup oil
2-3 eggs (optional)

Cut the meat up into pieces (if not already done) then wash the meat. In a pot pour a bit oil and fry the onions until golden. Once the onions are ready add the meat and stir. Add turmeric, salt, and pepper to the meat and stir. Add 3 – 4 cups of cold water after a few minutes of cooking the meat and allow the meat to cook for 20- 30 minutes (place the lid on the pot). Make sure the stove top heat is on medium or medium-low.

If using fresh dill, wash the dill and then chop it up finely. Fry the Dill in a bit of oil for a few minutes. Note: you may choose to not fry the dill, especially if using dry dill. Either way try to use a very small amount of oil to fry the dill. Add the Dill and Lima Beans to the stew after the meat has had a chance to cook. Allow the Khoresht-e Baghala to completely cook and for the Lima Beans to fully cook, but not become mashed up. Cook the Khoresht for a 2 – 3 hours for it to fully cook and give out oil.

If you want to add the eggs to the stew once it is prepared in a bowl mix add the eggs and some salt. Do not whip the eggs together, but rather stir the contents just once. Pour the egg mixture in batches into the Khoresht (while it is still on the stove cooking), then stir the stew. After an additional 5 – 10 minutes you can serve the Khoresht with rice that you have prepared.

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