Ground Turkey Breast Nuggets

I have a little over 1 lb of Ground Turkey Breast that I think its time to cook. So since I like chicken nuggets, I thought I would give Turkey nuggets a try. Besides supposedly they are more nutritious than chicken nuggets! To keep it even healthier I will be baking the nuggets in the oven, instead of frying them in oil.

This is not a Persian Recipe, but then again its pretty simple and good for a quick fix type of meal.


Turkey Nuggets


Ground Turkey breast – I am using approximately 1.25 lbs
Salt/Pepper (to taste)
Parsley (optional)
Bread crumbs
1 or 2 eggs (may need more if making more nuggets)

In a bowl I mixed my ground turkey breast with salt, pepper, and some parsley. Basically, you can add any spices you wish to the mixture.

Then I greased a baking dish (or you can use a baking sheet) with some oil (vegetable oil in my case). Set the oven temperature to 350°F.

In a small bowl I put some white flour, then in another bowl I put some bread crumbs, and in a third bowl I whisked together the two eggs. I made small round balls out of the ground turkey breast mixture and dipped each piece into the flour, then the whisked eggs, and finally into the bread crumbs. After dipping each piece into the three separate ingredients I placed the round balls on the baking sheet, then I used a fork to shape the pieces and slightly flatten them into nugget shapes. I ended up with approximately 16 nuggets based on the size of nuggets I made.

Once all nuggets were coated, I placed the baking dish into the oven and let it cook for approximately 10 minutes, then took the dish out to flip the nuggets over and place it into the oven for an additional 10 minutes. Once finished they are ready to eat with any dipping sauce you prefer. Of course I had to make some home style french fries to go with my nuggets…can’t have my nuggets without the fries!!

Note: The cooking time depends on the thickness of the nugget pieces. Check on the nuggets while they are cooking to see if they are ready to be removed.

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