Bastani Akbar Mashti

Bastani Akbar Mashti

Bastani Akbar Mashti

Its almost summer and what better way to celebrate than have my all time favorite Persian Bastani (ice cream) Akbar Mashti!!! Below is a simple way to make this treat. 🙂

Ingredients (for at least 8 servings):
3 quarts creamy/rich vanilla ice cream
1/2 pint heavy whip cream — you can adjust the amount of whip cream based on your desire to have more or less in the ice cream

3/4 cup rose water (golab) — you can adjust this amount to your liking
chopped pistachio –desired amount (usually not too much ~ 1/2 cup)
1/2 teaspoon saffron –might be best to mix with a tad bit of hot water to become liquid prior to use (adjust the amount if you desire more or less saffron)

First you will need to pour the whip cream into a deep enough plate where you can place it in the freezer to become frozen. You don’t want it to be too thick, so if needed use more than one dish to pour the whip cream into. Once the whip cream is frozen you want to take a knife and cut it until little square pieces are formed.

Something to keep in mind is that you dont want the ice cream to melt when you are preparing it. I typically put ice in a large bowl and then put a smaller bowl on top of the larger bowl…the ice will keep the smaller bowl cold. Then pour all the vanilla ice cream into the smaller bowl and use a large spoon or spatula to mix the ice cream. Add the saffron, rose water, frozen whip cream squares and pistachio (you might want to keep some pistachios for later) and stir with the spatula until everything is evenly mixed.

Once the Akbar Mashti is mixed up pout the ice cream into a suitable container that can be placed back in the fridge. At this time if you like sprinkle some pistachios on top of the ice cream (this is best if using a rectangular or square container to store the bastani in). Allow the ice cream to freeze again and then serve as desired.

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