Aash-e Jo (Barley Aash)

This Aash is very similar to Aash-e Reshteh, except in place of reshteh you use jo (barley). You should definitely make this Aash its really filling and tasty!

Aash e Jo

Aash e Jo

Ingredients (10-12 servings):
250 grams pearled barley
200 grams sabzi which is made up of: parsley, tareh (can use chives or ends of green onions instead), spinach, cilantro, dill (shevid) — use one bunch of each, or if using dry dill use 1 tablespoon
750 grams beans made up of: garbanzo beans (nokhod), white beans, kidney beans, and lentils
1 cup rice
5 tablespoons fried onion
3 – 4 cups Kashk
salt and pepper (desired amount)
turmeric 1 tablespoon

Its best to soak the beans for a few hours prior to cooking the Aash since this will speed up the cooking time. Also, soak the rice in water after rinsing the rice a few times.

In a large pot add the fried onions (or you can fry them at this time in the pot with a tiny bit of oil), the beans (after draining out the water they were soaking in), and the turmeric. Saute the ingredients for a few minutes then add about 5 cups of water, cover, and leave on medium heat for contents to cook for approximately 30 minutes. After 30 minutes add the barley and the rice and mix the ingredients together, then cover the pot again and place on medium low heat. Every now and then stir the aash. Then clean and chop up the sabzi and add to the aash.


The aash will need to cook for a couple hours before it is ready. I had the aash cooking between approximately 6 – 7 hours before it was thickened and completely ready (ja oftadeh).

After it is prepared remove the aash from the heat and add part of the kashk. When you are serving the aash you can add some more kashk on top and then place some on the table for guests to add extra as desired to their bowl. You can also add some fried onions and fried mint to the top of the kashk you are serving as well.

Enjoy!! 🙂

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