Aab Havij Bastani (Carrot Juice Ice-cream Float)

Aab Havij Bastani

Aab Havij Bastani

Americans like Root Beer Floats, while us Persians like Carrot Juice Floats.  This can be a refreshing treat for those who want something sweet, cold, and healthy.


Carrot Juice — you can use a carrot juice maker, or do as I do and buy carrot juice from the grocery store (i.e., Odwalla Brand)
Vanilla Ice Cream –any kind of vanilla ice cream you like

In a glass of your choice, add two scoops of ice cream (or more) and pour on a desired amount of carrot juice. You can use a spoon to eat the ice cream and drink the carrot juice. Honestly, everyone consumes this specific treat/beverage differently :) .

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